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About Us

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This worldwide time of web media is changing step by step. It is requesting a lot of innovation instead of anything. It is truly difficult to stay aware of all of that subsequently, a medium to the web is an unquestionable requirement. We, TechScord, have been laid out outputting those qualities before us that proposal to improve the existences of individuals and keep them up with innovation.

TechScord is an all-in-one mixture of Tech News, Blog posts, Information, and Videos that help you to show the right path in the Technological ride.

In this day and age where individuals abroad are so much mindful and have a great deal more to investigate, Nepal is conveyed of offices and Tech climate. That propelled us to become an integral factor. However, we are totally new to ideas in Nepal we intend to give all the most recent Tech News and Events in Nepal and from everywhere around the globe.

If you want to help us improve you can simply use the contact us page and suggest to us what you think will be the best.

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If you want to hear something from us regarding your query simply leave a comment in any of the posts. We will go through it and get back to you with a reply or a post if necessary.