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What is TikTok Creator Marketplace? Benefits and Requirements

Have you heard about the short social media content video platform called TikTok? I am sure you have. So today I will be helping you understand TikTok Marketplace with its benefits and requirements.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Tiktok Creator Marketplace is a robust platform by TikTok itself to connect brands and content creators. This platform is totally transparent about the analytics of the content creators. This makes this platform very unique and more productive than other brand collaboration platforms.

This platform gives unbelievable filters and tools for brands. So that they can find the perfect content creator/influencers to promote the Ads Camping or Products. The platform also provides a wide variety of analytics based on reach, average views, engagement, demographics, and many other factors.

Why Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Creator?

On today’s date joining TCM gives content creators a huge opportunity to get connected with brands and even increase monetization. The main reason behind the importance of this platform is due to the change in perspective of brands regarding the traditional methods of commercial.

Also, you have the perfect freedom to choose your interests and the price range according to your choice. Not only that you can also negotiate with the brands about the charges and integration of their brands/products you content.

TikTok Creator Marketplace Requirements

The TikTok’s requirements are different for the influencers and brands. Whereas brands don’t have any specific requirements except for the eligible country. Coming back to the TikTok Creator Marketplace requirements here are a few :

  • A personal TikTok account.
  • More than 100k followers.
  • Aged 18 years or above.
  • 3 Videos posted in the last 28 days.
  • Be in any 24 eligible countries.
  • More than 100k video likes in the last 28 days.

How to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an influencer?

For joining the platform as a creator you will need to fulfill certain requirements mentioned above and TikTok will invite you to join the Tiktok Marketplace itself. After you fulfill all of their requirements they will send an in-app notification.

Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an influencer

Now from the notification, you will be redirected to the Tikok Creator Marketplace screen. After you sign up you will find a new menu on the settings. Through that, you can access your Tiktok Marketplace dashboard from your TikTok app easily. You can also easily edit your profiles through that dashboard.

Why Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Brand?

There are a lot of benefits for Brands from Tiktok Creator Marketplace. The main thing that makes Tiktok Creator Marketplace different from other platforms is the variety of analytics and options to filter creators. You can find many filters and options to choose the perfect influencer for your product/brand.

Some of the amazing and mind-blowing filters that you can choose are Influencer’s Country, Region, Followers, Average Views, Engagement Rate, Brand Experience, Audience Gender, Audience Device, Audience Age, and many more. So I don’t think any brand would like to miss this opportunity. So in my point of view, these are the Benefits of the platform.

How to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Brand?

Joining the Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Brand is easier than for an Influencer. The reason behind it is the requirements to join the platform are very less. Being a brand you just need to be in a country where the Tiktok Marketplace is available. That’s it you go through a simple registration process and you are in.

Easy Steps to Sign Up for TikTok Creator Marketplace

  • Open the link
  • Now enter your business email.
  • Click on Send Code and check your email address for the code.
  • Chose a password and re-enter your password
  • Now check the first box.
  • Click create an account.
Sign Up for TikTok Creator Marketplace

Now secondly you will need to fill in the information about your brand and its location with some basic information like category and so on. Now you can easily get access to the Creator Marketplace after all the processes are completed.

TikTok Creator Marketplace Dashboard
Dashboard of TikTok Creator Marketplace

Countries Where TikTok Creator Marketplace is Available

There are 24 countries where the TikTok Creator Marketplace is currently available. You can find the countries here with their Brand Terms of Service. Also, they are rapidly spreading the territories of TikTok Creator Marketplace eligible countries.

Benefits of TikTok Creator Marketplace

The platform is beneficial for both the creators and the influencers. The main reason for this being beneficial as a brand is. The brand can find as much information as they want about the influencers to choose if he/she is right for this brand or not. Secondly, you can even negotiate with the influencers about the charges or the production cost of the influencer.

Coming to the benefits of the TikTok Creator from the Marketplace you will get to work with amazing brands and reach more number of audience. Also, you can generate passive income for brand integration through the platform.


How does TikTok Creator Marketplace Work?

The TCM TikTok Creator Marketplace works as an analytics tool for brands about Creators and as a brand collaboration platform for creators/influencers.

How do I leave TikTok Creator Marketplace?

If you want to permanently leave TCM you can mail them at

Is TikTok Creator Marketplace Free?

Yes, it is totally free for any type of TikTok account.

Is Tiktok Marketplace Worth it?

Of course, the TikTok Creator Marketplace is totally worth it.

Final Words

This is all about the TikTok Creator Marketplace, its benefits, and its requirements. So what are you waiting for? Go signup for the TikTok Marketplace and find an amazing influencer for the collaboration. Let’s share what you think about the platform in the comments below.

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