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How to Get GitHub Pro for Free in 2022

You are using GitHub for a long time! Also, you are a student? So you must have seen the Pro badge in someone’s profile. But have you wondered how to get that same badge in your profile? If you have then you are totally lucky you are here in today’s blog post I will be helping you guys to get Github Pro for Free in 2022.

Why Am I helping you to get GitHub Pro?

After the previous paragraph, you must be wondering why I am helping you with getting Github Pro. I am also a student and had the same query as you are having now. That’s the reason I am sharing with you about Github Pro and GitHub Student Developer Pack.

What are the benefits of GitHub Student Developer Pack?

You can pretty much do everything on the internet. What I really mean to say is you can have your own site. It can be a portfolio or blog or anything from which you will also be able to earn. Talking about earning you can choose WordPress for the blogs. For the portfolio, I prefer using the self-coded one. So let me give you some examples showing the benefits of the Developer Pack for Students by Github. You will be getting a Free 12-month subscription to Canva’s Pro tier which costs around $200 a year without the pack. You will get a free year of domain registration from and the list goes on and on.

What are the easy steps to get GitHub Pro and GitHub Student Developer Pack in 2022?

  1. Visit and click on ‘Get your pack’.
  2. Now If you are new to GitHub create an account using your EDU Mail id (Mail id issued by the college). If you are already a user you can simply add the EDU mail id to your GitHub account.
  3. Be sure to verify your email address.
  4. If you have to use the EDU mail id you will see your college name mentioned on the page.
  5. Now you need to write in short how will you be using the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
  6. After you submit the application wait for a few hours and you are good to go.
  7. You will shortly receive a mail saying “✨Welcome to the GitHub Student Developer Pack!✨“.

I don’t have any EDU mail id, so how can I get “GitHub Student Developer Pack”?

The steps are pretty similar for the students without an EDU mail id. You can simply use your normal email and type the correct name of your college. Now just let Github know how you will use the Github Student Developer Pack and wait for a few days. After that, you need to submit your college identity proof then you can enjoy the benefits of Github Pro for free with the Developer Pack.

Welcome to Github Student Developer Pack
Email received after you submit the form.

The full list of Cloud and Domain Benefits of “GitHub Student Developer Pack” in 2022 – Updated & Revised

  1. $100 in platform credit for new Digital Ocean users.
  2. Namecheap – Free .me domain name registration with a free SSL certification for 1 year.
  3. 100$ Azure credit & 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  4. – 1 free year of domain registration with SSL.
  5. Free Github Pro as long as you are a student.
  6. Education Host – 1-year free web hosting.
  7. Netwise – 1-year free single unit server.
  8. .tech domains – One standard .tech domain for 1 year & 2 free email accounts with 100 MB of free storage.
  9. New Relic – Free New Relic while you are a student.

Here is a video by a YouTuber that will help you better understand:

Github Canva Pro Free

It is true that canva is a really cool website for designing and editing videos and to unlock its full potential you need to pay some amount. But with GitHub Student Pack you can enjoy Canva Pro for totally free. Once you log in to the GitHub students pack you will get access to a Free 12 monthly subscription to Canva’s Pro tier by connecting your GitHub account on Canva. The interesting thing is you can even add your friends as team members and continue using that account. This is how you can get GitHub Canva Pro Free.


What’s GitHub Pro?

GitHub Pro is a subscription-based model of GitHub Account which let us enjoy amazing perks and benefits.

What is GitHub Pro Badge?

The GitHub Pro Badges are those badges that are displayed on your GitHub Profile which shows you have the GitHub Pro plan.

Why Github Pro?

You can get GitHub Pro so you can enjoy perks like Unlimited collaborators, 3,000 Action minutes/month, 1GB of GitHub Packages storage, and more.

Is Github Pro Free for Students?

Yes, GitHub Pro is totally free for students. So, read the article and find out how you can get Pro today.

Is GitHub Pro Free?

This is partially true because GitHub Pro is Free only for students rather than for all.

Is GitHub Pro Worth it?

If you are a full-time developer and keep on collaborating with other members then yes the Github Pro is totally worth it.


These were the steps and the benefits of GitHub Pro. I am sure after you go through this post you can easily get the Pro Badge and enjoy the benefits and perks of the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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